Work Packages


WP 1 - Management and Coordination

Work Package Leader: Prof. África González-Fernández

Main goals of this Work Package (WP):

  • The management and administrative coordination of the project
  • The launching of activities
  • The creation of a common culture and understanding among all participating researchers
  • The clarification of all details and communication with the Commission

WP 2 - Recruitment of experienced researchers and managers

Work Package Leader: Prof. Ángel R. de Lera

This Work Package involves the following objectives:

  • The incorporation of senior researchers across all the strategic and horizontal research areas of the IBIV, as well as the consolidation of their positions in these emergent research groups.
  • The increase of the critical mass of researchers.
  • The increase in visibility of the IBIV to be able to attract good Spanish researchers currently working abroad.
  • The incorporation of highly qualified technical staff for the management of sophisticated equipment/techniques and for technology transfer.

WP 3 - Twinning activities and acquisition of research equipment

Work Package Leader: Prof. José Manuel Olivares

Main objectives of this Work Package:

  • To stimulate and encourage scientific collaboration with top-class research entities
  • To upgrade human potential
  • To increase the culture of innovation through the organization of training activities for IBIV staff in specific matters, such as IP protection and innovation
  • To increase the visibility of IBIV
  • To acquire new equipment

WP 4 - Technology Transfer and Innovation Capacity building

Work Package Leader: Ms. Gloria García

This Work Package consists of the following aspects:

  • The creation of a model that permits the identification of biomedical needs in the hospital, and that makes the hospital staff aware of the scientific and technological offer of the university
  • The early identification of IP potential in ongoing research activities, evaluation and transfer of results
  • Involving companies in the development of innovation projects
  • Promoting and supporting the creation of spin-off companies
  • Instilling the culture of innovation in IBIV staff 
  • Increasing the visibility of IBIV results
  • The creation of networks with partnering entities for co-exploitation of results.

WP 5 - Dissemination and Promotional activities

Work Package Leader: Prof. Pío González

The general objective of this Work Package is double:

  • To promote, disseminate and reinforce the results of the BIOCAPS project to other international research centres, the relevant industrial sectors and society in general
  • To promote the image of the IBIV as a reference research centre