Aging and Cardiovascular Diseases

16th Scientific BIOCAPS Seminar : Frontiers in cardiovascular imaging

The seminar will approach coronary and carotid artery diseases focusing on atherosclerosis process, and will provide an update about the basis of physiopathology, the latest imaging technologies for assessment of the disease and new diagnostic technologies, providing a scope of innovative methods of treatment, from medication to intervention.


Melatonin and biological rhythms affect metabolism, the cardiovascular system, the nervous system and even cancerous processes

Contrary to the popular belief that eating carbohydrates in the evening is bad for you, scientists specialising in the study of biological rhythms have shown that this is exactly when this type of nutrient should be consumed in order to enhance its metabolism.


Childhood disorders, rare diseases and biological rhythms will be discussed in forthcoming BIOCAPS seminars

The Biomedical Research Institute (IBI) will intensify its knowledge sharing activities in May by holding three seminars in the framework of the BIOCAPS project. Childhood disorders, rare diseases and the role of melatonin and biological rhythms in the onset of various conditions will be the subjects of these scientific seminars, to which all researchers and physicians from the Galician biomedical community are invited. All are free to attend.


Senior researchers at BIOCAPS establish European funding as a priority in their last year of the programme

BIOCAPS has managed to make the “Institute of Biomedical Research“ (IBI) an important focal point for international collaborations, mostly thanks to the high-standard work performed by the seven senior researchers hired with the European funding associate to this support programme.


Thirteenth Scientific BIOCAPS Seminar: Melatonin and the circadian system: role in health and diseases

The Institute of Biomedical Research of Ourense-Pontevedra-Vigo (IBI), under the auspices of the BIOCAPS project (Biomedical capacities support program, 7th REG-POT project) organizes the Seminar “Melatonin and the circadian system: role in health and diseases”, which will take place on 29th of May 2015 in the Edificio Miralles. Sala 1, University Campus Lagoas, Marcosende, University of Vigo (Spain).


Roman A. Kireev and César Veiga join IBIV to contribute to advancing research in heart problems in the elderly and in cardiac imaging

The area of Aging and Cardiovascular Diseases of the BIOCAPS project has been strengthened by the recruitment of two new senior researchers, Dr César Veiga and Dr Roman A. Kireev. Their incorporation into the Instituto de Investigación Biomédica de Vigo (IBIV) [Institute of Biomedical research of Vigo] increases to 40 the number of scientists working in this field of the Biomedical Capacities Support Programme.

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