Endocrinology, Metabolism and Nutrition


Endocrinology is a medical speciality dealing with human pathologies related to hormonal dysregulation, metabolism and nutrition. The integration of clinical issues and basic science is in the nature of this science. Many of the most relevant achievements of contemporary medicine in the frontiers of knowledge have been made in Endocrinology. Hence, working with molecules/hormones identified as causing diseases and molecular diagnosis, advanced imaging methods, sophisticated surgery and basic research, including animal experimental modelling, are the cornerstones of progress in clinical endocrinology. Moreover, some of the most frequent pathologies affecting developed countries are studied by Endocrinology: obesity, affecting the 30% of the population and rapidly increasing especially among children; diabetes, commonly associated to obesity, today affecting 7-14% of the population in the first world, or thyroid diseases, increasing in incidence, such as thyroid cancer. Studies in this field have become strategic in modern societies, especially in the Galician population where, during the last decade, childhood obesity has increased at one of the highest rate in Europe, as has diabetes in adults, while thyroid illnesses, such as hypothyroidism, are still endemic in our region.

Area coordinator:

Prof. Federico Mallo Ferrer


More info: EndocrinologyCINBIO


María Amalia Andrade Olivié. More info: Clinical Analysis

María Anunciación Lafuente Giménez. More info: EndocrinologyCINBIO

Lines of research:

  • Incretins in the neuroendocrine system.
  • GH & Acromegaly.
  • Differentiated Thyroid Cancer.
  • Environmental toxins in obesity.



Monday, July 22, 2013
The prestigious journal Endocrinology publishes an article detailing the advances of Federico Mallo’s group in the application of these molecules in lung treatments.