Aging and Cardiovascular Diseases


Cardiovascular diseases are the major cause or morbimortality in developed societies. Due to the continuous and progressive ageing of the population and to the therapeutic advances in cardiovascular diseases, many of them are mainly diseases of elderly people with a particular interrelationship between molecular, physiopathological, clinical and social derangements. Mature patients with cardiovascular diseases also have special characteristics, such as comorbidity, frailty and an inflammation substrate, which has an increasing importance in research during recent years. The social repercussions and the adaptations of the Health System required to deliver cost-effective assistance, as well as achieving social reinsertion and a high quality of life for these patients, are important targets of research in this area.

Area coordinator:

Dr. Carlos Rodríguez Pascual.


More info: Geriatrics


Andrés Iñiguez Romo. More info: Cardiology

Francisco Eugenio Calvo Iglesias

Lines of research:

  • Cardiovascular diseases in aging.
  • Collaborative innovation in cardiology healthcare.
  • Cost-effectiveness in cardiovascular healthcare.
  • Cardiac imaging.

Recent publications:

  • Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy Prevents Sarcopenia by a Dual Mechanism: Improvement of Protein Balance and of Antioxidant Defenses. Brioche T, Kireev RA, Cuesta S, Gratas-Delamarche A, Tresguerres JA, Gomez-Cabrera MC, Viña J. J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci. 2013 Dec 3. PMID:24300031 
  • Beneficial effect of melatonin treatment on age-related insulin resistance and on the development of type 2 diabetes. Jesus A.F. Tresguerres, Sara Cuesta, Roman A. Kireev, Cruz Garcia, Dario Acuña-Castroviejo, Elena Vara. Hormone Molecular Biology and Clinical Investigation,2013, Volume 16, Issue 2. Pages 47-54



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